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Interesting Music-Related Links

Flute Specialists
In Clawson, MI, Robert Johnson does tremendous repair work on professional or student flutes. He also carries a nice selection of flutes, music, and supplies.

Flute World
In Farmington Hills, MI, Flute World is an amazing place for sheet music.   They also carry a tremendous selection of flutes and supplies.

J. L. Smith & Company
A great source of flutes; flute information; repair; and repair tools.

National Flute Association
This organization promotes excellence in flute playing.   They publish The Flutist Quarterly  and organize a yearly conference.   Any serious flutist of high school level and up should consider joining.

Mid-South Flute Society
I can't tell you much about this, yet, as I just moved here and joined.

Flute Talk
This is a delightful and informative monthly magazine which I recommend for students from early high school.

Flute Network
A great site for flute information and additional links.

Flute Info
Another great site for flute education, resources, and links.

Woodwind Fingering Guide
Students -- check this out.   If you don't have the Nestor Herszbaum book handy, this is very helpful.

AFM Local 257 - Nashville
The American Federation of Musicians is your best source for live music for all occasions.

Nathan Zalman
Nathan is a tremendous flutist, composer, and teacher.